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Sunday, June 26, 2005 - 3:40 PM
TGITW Promotions

I'm becoming very obsessed with WM. I gathered some TGITW promotions pictures. WM are so cute together, hope they do another serial together. =] I read a piece of news and it was so cute.

Wallace laughs while saying that the deepest memory that he has towards Michelle is when the series just started filming, on April Fool's Day, Michelle faked to have a heart attack and got her assistant to pretend to be frightened and tell him, he ran into the room and tried to do artificial respiration with her and immediately carried her downstairs to wait for the ambulance, in conclusion, Michelle, who was in his arms, couldn't hold the laughter anymore, making Wallace, who was breathing heavily, not know whether to smile or cry. But this trick that Michelle pulled had gotten their chemistry to build up. Credits to w-hub.

LOL Wallace is too cute.

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Friday, June 24, 2005 - 6:58 PM
Overview : Number One in the World

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Main Characters
Roger Kwok
Li Ya Peng
Wallace Huo
Michelle Yip
Damian Lau
Gao Yuan Yuan

Guest Appearances
Eva Huang as Li Ya Peng's first love
Dicky Cheung as Roger Kwok's father
Monica Chan as Roger Kwok's mother
Ken Tong as the world's riches/powerfult man

Wallace Huo
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Among the four main characters, his character is the most pitiful and tragic character. When he was a boy, he was innocent, naive and playful. He had a very strong relationship with his father, but unfortunately his father got murdered. That resulted in his change of character. He builds a wall around him, blocking everyone around him. He became less talk active, rarely smiles, standoffish and icy cold towards everyone. He masters in the 'big knife' and wants to seek revenge for his father. He wanted to avenge for his father so much, he learnt the wrong kung fu, and his evil spirits controlled him making him chop off his hand to gain control of himself.

Why is his character the most pitiful? Wallace went through so much pain as a child. He didn't have much happy moments in his life. He lost most of his kung fu after going crazy. He had to accept the fact his mother killed his father. And his mother and Michelle both died.

His character will have a love relationship with Michelle. He rarely smiles, he will only smile when he talks or thinks of Michelle. He said to Roger one time after Michelle’s death, “There are nothing worth for me to smile anymore.” He sacrificed so much for her yet they cannot be together in the end.

Michelle Ye
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Michelle's kung fu is mediocre but she's a strategist. She's great in putting the puzzle pieces together and can think logically. In other words, chess and checker type. Michelle dresses as a man most of the time, for conviences. She always loved LYP but LYP only looks and treats her as a sister. After she realizes that Wallace loves her, she began to develop feelings for him. She is way to clever and smart, that caused her to die.

Roger Kwok
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Roger grew up with no parents. He learned his kung fu from Dicky. He coincidentally fell into a prison where he met Dicky. Dicky transferred all his kung fu to roger, making Roger’s body all tattooed. Roger did not know that Monica and Dicky were his parents until near the end.

Li Ya Peng
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LYP went to Japan to study swordplay. There he met his first love, Eva. Because Eva's father is enemies with LYP, she decided to run away to be with him. During the run away, they were stopped by her father and she took a stab for LYP and died. Years later he met Eva's sister, GYY and the two began to develop feelings. I still feel that LYP loves Eva and married her sister out of pay-back and pity. His story was really boring to watch.

Dicky Cheung
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Dicky was a very playful guy, like most characters he portrays. Monica was his finance, but Damien likes her. Therefore Damien killed many people and framed it on Dicky. He used that excuse to kill him. Poor Dicky, he had to witness Monica die right in front of his face. I forget, i think he killed himself. How can he have such an evil best friend?

Gao Yuan Yuan
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This girl is a witch! She is so evil. Under that pretty face, she’s so heartless. She killed many people and framed it on Wallace. I think her character is so pathetic. Why did she kill Michelle? She ruined Michelle and Wallace’s future and her own. I’m sure LYP will forgive her if she told him what she had done. She just had to kill Michelle, something that can not be forgiven or changed. She wouldn’t need to suicide either. LYP is too good for this selfish girl.

Ken Tong
He is the world’s richest man and relies on destiny. He believes that Michelle and he were meant to be together. He takes advantage of his wealth and force Michelle into marrying him. In the end he got killed by Damien.

Wallace Huo & Michelle Ye
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The main reason I chose to watch this china production was to see what the WM hype was all about. Now I can see why. Their sacrifices and unselfish actions for each other will touch your heart. It is cute how people view Wallace as aggressive and cold but to Michelle he is incredibly sweet. Wallace is bound to be there whenever Michelle is in danger; he is very protective towards Michelle because he loves her so much. He is probably afraid to lose another person that he treasures so much (his father). Wallace loved Michelle since they were children, because Michelle was extra caring and he was touched by her actions when they were children. When Wallace went crazy, he still didn't harm Michelle. Fate likes to play with them; Michelle just had to die…

Roger Kwok & Tammy
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They were very adorable together, always doing and saying cute things. Their personalities match together very well. They are both playful and have simple minds. The only couple who had a happy ending. I love the particular scene when Tammy had to debate on whom to save from the 4 people. Roger kept insisting that he’ll be alright and forcing a smile. I went teary at that scene.

Best Scenes
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
During the last challenge, testing Roger to see if he has what it takes to be in the Damien ‘group.’ On the last challenge, Michelle got hit and Wallace caught her before she fell and he accidentally touched her b. Thatreasts was when Wallace discovers that Michelle was his childhood friend who he loved since they were children. It was as very cute scene. =D

After his discovery, Wallace is in his bedroom having flashbacks of Michelle when they were children. Michelle brought him food while he was training and stood out in the rain with him. As he was thinking of those cute memories he smiles. Gosh, that smile will make all the girls die! Lol He is such a sweetie, he even keeps a box full of Michelle's belongings. Ok, kind of obsessive but sweet.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
When Wallace accidentally catches Michelle bathing. Ok I admit that was quite perverted of him because he continued looking. But the music and the look he had on his face was too sweet. Can't really blame him for looking, guys are guys.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
After Roger was poisoned by the five monsters, Michelle had to steal the locus flower from the palace to cure Roger. She had to duel with this powerful Eunuch and after being hit by one of his kung fu, Wallace catches her in midair in a veil. They do this twirl and Wallace uses his kung fu to fight off that Eunuch. With that Wallace got injured so extreme to the point he nearly died.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
After waking up from after the duel, Michelle walks out of the bedroom with the site of Wallace cooking her medicine greeting her. He hands her the medicine that in this case, Wallace needed it much more. Michelle looks at him at asks if he's alright and of course he says he is. Unconvinced, she grabs his hand and says “You’re kidding, here let me see.” He quickly yanked away his hand and said,” I'M FINE...just drink.” He stood there watching Michelle drink for a bit before hurriedly leaving and fainting in the forest.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
When the freaks came to kill Roger, Wallace went out to fight them off but his injury wasn't fully healed. He stood there spitting out blood after a few attempts using his kung fu. Michelle rushes out and she gets hit from the back and fell onto him. They were standing there holding onto each other for support till Roger came to fight the freaks off.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Wallace went unconscious after the duel. Michelle torn away his shirt, discovering four clearly visible knives marks printed on his chest. She comes to the realization that the scars were the after effects from saving her. She also found her lost jade hidden in Wallace’s jacket and they play a mini video of what Wallace had done for her. When Wallace woke up, Michelle rejects him. After she left the room, Wallace layed back lifelessly with watery eyes. So sad =[

After finding Monica missing from the ice cave, Damien concluded that Michelle betrayed him. He removed her from his group and took away her position without another word. Feeling dejected that her godfather won't believe her, she wrote letter to Wallace explaining what had happened. During the night, Wallace finds Michelle half drunk and crying silently in a restaurant. He sits down next to her and after a few talks, he says, "Since the first day I met you, you became my everything. Did you know?" Michelle looks at him and grabs his hand smiling making him smile slightly. I'll melt to pieces if a guy said that to me. [That Eunuch just had to come and ruin the atmosphere].

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
When Wallace nearly strangles Michelle to death, but had enough control inside to run off before he hurt her anymore. It is evident from that scene that Wallace will do no harm to Michelle and how deep his love is for her.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
After Michelle got injured, Wallace threatens this guy into giving the cure. His evil spirits were acting up and Michelle was crying holding onto his hand begging him not to kill the innocent dude. She says to him, “If you want to kill, kill me first.” Wallace looks at her and quickly threw his sword away before he will do any harm and knelt down to her and asking her helplessly to help him. While she wrapped her arms around him crying after making him sleep with her kung fu.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The scene when Wallace's evil spirits were controlling him, he had his sword by Michelle's neck for a brief moment but abruptly brought it by his hand. Michelle was on the floor shaking her head, whispering 'don't.’

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
He chopped off his hand, and Michelle ran and threw herself on him and held him crying. And Wallace says, "Hai Teng (Michelle), my evil spirits are gone, I won't kill anymore innocent people." Michelle is just crying and nodding her head. Later when he's resting in bed, Michelle's sitting by his side, touching his face gently with watery eyes. So sad, poor Wallace.

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The night before Michelle’s marriage, Wallace comes and asks her why she's marrying him. After some tears and talk,
W: "During the 49 days, you don't know how much pain I went through. You were my only motivation to continue."
“You probably feel that you have lost everything, but there is one thing you have not lost.”
Wallace looks at her, “What is it?”
“You have not lost my heart...I love you more than you'll ever know.”

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On Michelle's wedding day, Wallace comes with blood all over his face after his mother got killed. He tells Michelle that there is no point for him to live anymore and begs her to kill him. Damien tries to kill Wallace but Michelle runs out without hesitant and apologizes to Ken and her godfather before leaving.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
After leaving, Wallace and Michelle are by the mountains. Wallace tells Michelle he is so tired and when he dies, he only wants to see her face. That was when they kiss; you get to see Wallace's tongue! Lol, sweet runaway. He was really into the kiss scene lol.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Michelle’s death scene. It was the most tear jerking scene ever! Michelle was running away and she runs into LYP's house. There she finds out GYY's evil plan and confronts her.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
GYY confessed all the evil and cruel things she had done. The man in black stabs Michelle and she falls back into the fence. She tries to crawl out but GYY stabs her again. Then pedals began to fall down on Michelle, it was so sad but beautiful.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Wallace comes and discovers Michelle dead on the floor. Their own song began to play in the background. Now this is realistic, he just didn’t run to her and sob but it took him awhile to accept that Michelle was dead. He pulls her to his chest and tells her not to worry because he’s there.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
He piggybacks her outside while it began to rain. He tells her something, but after he got no reply, it finally sank in that Michelle was dead. And he screams out her name twice, it was so sad. I cried heaps at that part, just writing it right now is getting me teary =[. Poor Michelle, why did she have to confront it to that witch? She wouldn’t have to die. That scene was so sad; there was this lump in my throat from holding back the tears. The way he cried and screamed her name plus their music playing, was too much, i cried buckets. (The music is on my blog)

Theme Song
I'm in love with the theme and sub-them sung by Wallace Huo. He has an amazing voice. They always play the sub-theme whenever Wallace and Michelle are together. It is really good. When Wallace first recorded the theme song he immediately called Michelle for her opinion, pretty cute eh?

English Translation of You're Number One
Credits to Mistiklite

After seeing you for the first time.
I can't leave you at all.
You don't understand this kind of pain.
If this was life, I am willing to decide.
You shouldn't finalize your decision as rejection.
I and him, what difference is it?
How can it compare to love's intense?

Can't pull out this pain.
I just hope you'd make me understand a bit.
What love wants, can't be completely incomplete.
I just need to become your heart's number one.
How come your eyes show hesitance?

Without you, I am ruined.
Doesn't matter who is the world's number one
I just want to be forever your heart's only one.
Can I have this honor, to hug you tight?

How can I annihilate this feeling?
It renders me.
How do I solve this complication of love?
I won't draw back.

The Poster
I know there have been many complaints of the poster. Dicky and Eva who barely appeared are in front of the poster. It all comes down to marketing. Dicky is extremely famous that's why his head is so huge. The person with the most screen time is roger. Michelle appeared in 35/36 episodes yet she is so tiny. Totally unfair. The poster at my rental store is even worse! Michelle wasn’t even on the poster!

The Performances
My personal favourites were Wallace Huo and Michelle Ye. They didn't necessarily do the best job but those two were able to make me connect and relate to them. I read somewhere that Wallace practiced his martial arts a lot just to make it look right. It is very clear that he has, because his martial arts are so damn good! He also has loads of charisma. The part when he cried after Michelle die, made my heart snap in half!

From the TVB newcomers that TVB is promoting (Bernice, Tavia, and Leila), Michelle Ye is my favourite. Her acting has improved greatly. Who says she can't act? She was amazing here; haters can eat back their words. Though I’m upset she left TVB, it has some good factors. The role she gets at TVB isn't very interesting and TVB series are going downhill. She’ll have more opportunities to work with Wallace again.

Li Ya Peng suited his role because he doesn't have the aggressive look but more of a friendly look. He needs to work on his facial expressions, they look emotionless and blank a lot of times.

Roger Kwok gets another whacko role. During the last half of the serial, he acted much better. AT the beginning, I felt he was trying too hard to be funny.

Dicky Cheung, Monica, Eva all gave a flawless performance. I really like Dicky here, he was very adorable and his acting after he learnt the bad kung fu was just, wow. I think Eva has a very unique beauty.

*Pictures courtesy of Michelleye.cn

The Gallery
Wallace & Michelle Fanlisting(You better join, or else... >=Z lol /jk)

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