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Wednesday, August 16, 2006 - 9:47 AM
Overview : Golden Faith

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Producer: Tommy Leung Kar Shu
No. Episodes: 45
Year Released: 2002
Gallen Lo
Deric Wan
Jessica Hsuan
Raymond Lam
Michelle Yip
Paul Chun
Gigi Wong
Shek Sau
Anne Heung
Myolie Wu
Power Chan
Tavia Yueng

What makes this series memorable is not the plot itself, which I found very intriguing and nicely written, but it is the characters and relationships that are so profoundly written. Once you watch more of Golden Faith, you get to know these characters better, everything just becomes a journey. I must praise the scriptwriters for painting us such a vivid portrait of these characters that we come to understand their feelings and actions. The bond between the characters whether son to father, sisterhood, brotherhood, lovers are all powerfully written and acted out. The characters and rapports is one of the BEST written ever.

The Casts
Gallen Lo gives Ivan so much depth and it is no longer I am watching Gallen Lo - the actor portraying his character on the screen, but I am watching this character and journeying with him as he faces problem after problem. He makes Ivan seem so real that sometimes I forget that this is only a series and this character does not actually exist. Watching Gallen Lo act, he emotes a heavy and suffocating aura like he could not sit down and breathe and relax. Ivan is a man with many responsibilities and baggage and burdens so naturally Ivan is a stressed and strained man. No novice actor will be able to emit such a tiresome and burdened feeling, only a very experienced actor like Gallen can do the magic. I really think Gallen is in his own caliber, and he is untouchable. He can exude so many emotions with simply his eyes alone, it is absolutely amazing. What a phenomenal, charming and lustrous actor. This was a great way to wrap up his whole TVB career before leaving.

Jessica Hsuan nailed her performance. Golden is one of the few, rare series that Jessica did well in. I thought the scene when she cried on the airplane is done very well. Myolie Wu is simply exquisite as Ivan's mentally ill sister. Her exaggerated and hyperactive acting becomes suitable for her character. I do not feel that Chung Sau Hong challenged Deric Wan in any way. Is it just me or Deric looks more like Gallen's older brother? The minor casts such as Ah Wai, Paul Chun, Lau Dan, and Hui Siu Hung are simply amazing as usual. Great minor actors always boost up the quality of a series. We are lacking great actors like them nowadays. Unfortunately some don't act anymore or do not appear as often. Do not take them for granted! They really do make a series so much better.

Chemistry Factor

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Like I had said before, the relationships in Golden are written with a lot of passion. There is not one relationship where I did not enjoy watching. Jessica's chemistry between Gallen is undeniable. When they look at each other, their eyes are shining with happiness. I will get tomatoes thrown at me for saying this. Gallen and Jessica are more compatible than Louis and Jessica. They look better physically and their chemistry is mounds much more. The chemistry between Gallen and Myolie Wu is also excellent. When Gallen looks at Myolie, all his problems and baggage just seems to float off his shoulders. In conclusion, all the relationships are great!

Theme Video

Golden Faith Clips *Vietnamese Dubbed

Additional Comments
Like another Golden Faith, producer Tommy Leung is going to be producing the 60 episode mega production with similar casts from Golden Faith. The casts include, Gallen Lo (has yet to confirm himself), Jessica Hsuan, Raymond Lam & Myolie Wu.


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