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Tuesday, January 31, 2006 - 2:44 PM
Overview : Demi Gods Semi Devils 97

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Producer: Unknown
No. Episodes: 45
Year Released: 1997
Felix Wong
Benny Chan
Terry Fan
Poon Chi Man
Rain Law
Wong Wai
Carman Lee

Cast & Character Analyses
Kiu Fung played by Felix Wong
Kiu Fung is our tragic Hero in Demi Gods. Kiu Fung is a man with dignity and he lives by his own morals and beliefs. He is strong both physically and mentally, humble and brave. Even when he was framed for killing all these people due to his Kitan blood, he did not stoop himself low or wallow in self pity. Instead he went to investigate the person behind all these misunderstandings. In the end Kiu Fung stabbed himself with an arrow after begging the Emperor not to invade the Hans to prove that he was not betraying the Kitans or the Hans.

Felix Wong gave Kiu Fung the feeling of dominance, power, dignity and an air of nobility. When he's on screen your eyes would automatically dart to him. His strong posture and very captivating eyes fit Kiu Fung perfectly. You'll cry with him when he wept over Ah Chu's dead body. You'll want to strangle and kill those jackasses that caused him to give up his leader position in the Beggar Clan. You'll cheer and side with him whenever he fought in a battle and you'll somehow want to jump into the TV and save him when he stabbed himself. Felix gave a performance that you would never ever forget; even years from now you'll still remember his performance. Felix did very well when he accidentally killed his beloved. His expressions as he peeled off the mask was priceless, the emotions of shock, guilt and fear were all displayed beautifully. But he did best when he buried Ah Chu. He was a functionning human body with a dead soul and it'll make you cry just seeing him like that.

Hoi Juk played by Terry Fan
Hoi Juk is a very naive, honest monk and also very stupid. He wins a game of wei-qi and gets 70 years worth of kungfu from an old man. I mean how lucky can he get? Later he helps an old lady and becomes the leader of the sect. He also breaks the 5 pillars of Buddhism and gets kicked out of temple. His character provides comic relief to this very tragic and depressing series.

Terry fan played Hoi Juk pretty well. He has the stupid and merciful face to act Hoi Juk. But he really needs to improve on his crying but other than that he is a pleasure to watch.

Din Yee played by Benny Chan
Din Yee is the prince of Da Li. He runs away from the palace when his father tries to teach him Kung Fu. He travels to an island and that's where he met Wong Ye Yan (Carmen Lee). He becomes infatuated with her because she looks exactly like a statue of a woman in a cave but she is crazy about her cousin, Mu Rong Fu. Din Yee knows that but he still cares for Wong Ye Yan throughout the whole series and would do anything to protect her from harm's way. Benny portrayed Din Yee to be very mischievous and somewhat cute.

Benny Chan is cute in here; he'll make you smile with he flashes that mischievous smile of his.

Ah Chu played by Lau Kam Ling
To be honest I disliked this character in this series. Yes she's sacrificial yet very stupid. She didn't have to disguise as her dad then she would not have died. Ah Chu at the beginning was very mischievous but towards the end she became oh so sacrificial, girly that I just can’t digest.

Ah Chu is supposed to be very sweet with a kind and mischievous look. Lau Kam Ling posses none of those qualities. I thought they should've cast someone better to suit this role. I guess it's because Lau Kam Ling has such deadly eyes, she's only qualified to play villains. I notice that she always move her head in very awkward movements when she cries. The sweet, cutesy character just does not cut it for her.

Mu Rong Fu played by Cheung Kwok Keung
I don't understand at all how Wang Ye Yan (Carmen Lee) is so crazy over him. He is wrinkly, and his yellow teeth are such a turn off. So undazzling he is and even worst he is selfish and evil. What does she see in him that I can't? Love really makes you see the best in people. The actor that plays Mu Rong Fu portrays him in way that he appears to be weak and how the heck was he comparable to Kiu Fung (Felix Wong), I don't understand. Mo Rung Fo is supposed to be a man with a huge ambition, very cunning and calculative. The actor portrays this character without effort; he didn't have enough hatred or vengeance. His portrayal is so weak that you'll find him so pathetic and wimpy. Whenever he's on screen planning his next move, I would think hurry up and get off the TV. He appears to be so weak that you'll find him pathetic for even thinking of reviving the family throne because you know he can't. The actor like I said made Mu Rong Fu seem so weak and it is very obvious he is not a threat; it is laughable to see him plotting.

Ah Zhi played by Rain Lau
She is selfish, selfish, and selfish. I would not say she’s evil because she still has heart. If you think she was bad enough at the beginning she gets worse. She'll "play" or torture anyone for the fun of it. A big, cruel brat. She gets more selfish later when she falls in love with Kiu Fung (Felix Wong). She burn a poor guy’s face, pokes out his eyes to cure her blindness, uses him to test poison, treats him like trash and abandons him because he's ugly. In the end you may not hate her anymore but you will still not like her. She kills herself after Kiu Fung (Felix Wong) dies and scoops out her eyes before jumping down the cliff so she would not owe any debt to Yau Tan Ji.

I thought it is a very wise choice to cast Rain Lau in this role. She does appear to be a big brat because of her mischievous looks. Rain Lau played Ah Zhi so well that you will want to slap this girl across the face for being downright annoying. Rain Lau gave the best female performance in here.

Yau Tan Ji played by Evergreen Mak
A very easily manipulative and stupid man. He mistaken Kiu Fung (Felix Wong) for killing his parents when in fact they committed suicide out of pure shame. He vows to avenge for his father but fails miserably. Then he meets Ah Zhi who has a personality like poison honey and falls madly in love with her. Ah Zhi whose heart only has Kiu Fung (Felix Wong) does not love him one bit and instead, she uses him to her advantage. She burns his head forcing him wear a steel helmet for half of the series and uses him to test poison for her and trust me she did many more cruel things to him. He even gave her his eyes and became blind but when Ah Zhi could see again and saw how ugly he was she abandons him. Blindly, he still did all he could to protect her. Poor fellow, in the end he jumped off the cliff after knowing that Ah Zhi died with Kiu Fung. Evergreen Mak did extremely well. You might find him very stupid for sacrificing so much for an evil witch and hate him for misunderstanding Kiu Fung but you will soon pity him because of his actions.

Misses Mar played by Unknown
Misses Mar is the true evil and insane villain in here. She is incredibly annoying that I wanted to smash my tv with something. She creates many misunderstandings and troubles for Kiu Fung. Without this character, there would be no Demi Gods. My hate for this character evaporated a bit in the end when she is literally and slowly tortured to death by Ah Zhi (Rain Lau). It is such a disgusting scene to see Ah Zhi slice her leg, scratch her face and whatever. I am glad that Ah Zhi didn't have the chance to throw bugs on her body, I would have been so disgusted.

Misses Mar is supposed to be very beautiful and oozing with sex appeal that's why many of the members of the Beggar Clan are easily seduced by her. The actress that portrays her did not look beautifully nor sexy enough. Other than that, the actress did well.

Din Jing Sit played by Poon Chi Man
He falls in love with many, many women and had plenty of children he doesn't know about. (Kind of reminds me of the Pig in Journey to the West). He is the brother of the Emperor of Da Li and also the father of Din Yee (Benny). Because of his player-ish attitude when he was young; it bit him back in the end real hard. All the women that he loved died one by one in front of his face and so, he kills himself to be with the women that had died for him. Poon Chi Man is an amazing actor. When you look at him, you can still see his once handsome face that faded away and it fits his character. Though I don't agree with his actions sometimes, I can't hate his character which is partly due to Poon Chi Man's portrayal. I can't think of another actor that would fit this role.

Yer Lok Hung played by Wong Wai
He became sworn brothers with Felix yet he was the one that condemns his brother to doom. He's very stubborn and arrogant. All he wants to do is invade the Hans. But again Yer Lok Hung is a man with principals, he sticks to his words. Wong Wai plays out his character very well. Wong Wai always naturally gives out a feeling of nobility with all his performances and in here, it works well.

Wong Yee Yan played by Carmen Lee
Not an important character at all. I liked her portayal of Wang Yee Yan's mother more. Her cold stare gives me chills. Wong Yee Yan is a sweet girl however she chooses to like the wrong person and neglecting a much better man (Din Yee, Benny Chan). Carmen Lee is a true ancient beauty and looks as stunning as ever in here, I can not think of another actress that could give off these vibrations of beauty like she can.

I have no idea who this actor is but I hate this stupid guy!! He does not appear often but when he does, oh boy. Err; I can't stand him at all! It's amazing how much he annoys you when he only appears for a few minutes in every other episodes!!

All these actors below done a great job also and they deserve some recognition.
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The Chemistry Factor
Benny Chan & Carmen Lee
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You might feel that Din Yee is too good for Wong Ye Yan because all Wong Ye Yan cared for was Mu Rung Fu. But they were sort of cute together. However their relationship is too rushed. One minute Mu Rung Fu dumps Wong Ye Yan and the next minute she tells Din Yee that she loves him. Uh, okay, where did that come from? Due to the lack of scenes together, I can only say they are passable.

Felix Wong & Lau Kam Ling
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They have absolutely zero chemistry. I whimper whenever they are together. They just don't match at all. I can understand how Ah Chu (Lau Kam Ling) fell in love with Kiu Fung because I certainly would have fell head over heals for him too. What I don't understand is when Kiu Fung fell in love with her. His ever dying love for is too arupt.

Felix Wong & Benny Chan & Terry Fan
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They are sworn brothers and would do anything to protect one another. They didn’t have many scenes but they share amazing brother relationship.

Why Demi Gods and Semi Devils
When you have finished watching this series you will understand the title. Nobody is born with an evil heart. They become what they are due to circumstances and situations. What they appear to be may not be how they are truly are inside. Lets take a look at these characters that are so-called “villains.”

If you were not following his story from the start and only watched the part when he was killing all the men at the forum on how to destroy Kiu Fung, you’ll probably find him evil. Even though Kiu Fung killed many Han men at the forum, he is not purely evil.

The Leader of the Four Evils
He is half human and half dead and the leader of the 4 evils. He was determined to do anything just to be emperor if that means killing his own buddies. You look at his orange hair and obviously think he’s not a good guy. Well he was until he was ‘robbed’ from his emperor throne. In the end you see that this orange plump is not truly evil because he still loves his ex-girlfriend and son.

Member of the Four Evils
She is another one of the 4 evils. It was said that she kidnaps kids and eats them. Now I thought this lady was a pure evil witch with a rock-heart. Later it is revealed that she used to be a sweet and charming lady before she met 'the monk.' She fell in love with the monk and they had a baby together (Hoi Juk, Terry Fan). However, the monk cannot be with her. In the end you see that she still has heart underneath her hard shell.

Ah Zhi
Just the way Ah Zhi tortures random people for the fun of it, makes me hate her. How she tortues them is pure cruel and nasty. Ah Zhi is not a villain though. She still has heart. But due to the atmosphere she was raised upon, she grew to be a girl who does not consider one's feelings. She does love in the end, she does have heart; however do to the way she was brought up to think and act, she never learned what love is.

There are a lot more characters to analyze but that would take too long. You get the point.

Best Scenes

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Kiu Fung wanted to kill Ah Chu's father (Poon Chi Man) for revenge so she disguised herself as her father and went to see Kiu Fung in the middle of the night. Kiu Fung did not know it was Ah Chu and hit her with the "18 palm dragon' and she flew across the bridge. Sensing something was not right; Kiu Fung approached the body and peeled off a mask only to see it was Ah Chu. Ah Chu told Kiu Fung that she was Din Jing Sit's {Poon Chi Man} daughter that is why she did that. It was such a heart-breaking scene, but full credit must be given to Felix.

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This is the ultimate most classic scene. Kiu Fung is devastated after killing Ah Chu with his own hands. This is after he realized that it was not Din Jing Sit (Poon Chi Man) that killed his parents/sifu etc. He was still alive but his soul was gone. He dug out a hole for Ah Chu with his own bloody hands. After putting her in the hole, he could not bare to bury her so he used his kung fu to move the dirt over her body. I'm sure you would've cried seeing him weep silently at Ah Chu's grave.

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If you watch this series you would've hated Misses Mar to the extreme. But after seeing her death, you may not hate her the most anymore. I was actually appaulding Ah Zhi for giving her a slow and painful death. Here's an interesting point. Before Miss Mar's husband died, he forced her to swear to god that she would never, ever reveal the letter's contents (that Kiu Fung was a Kitan person). She swore to god that if she ever did (and she did later), her face would be distorted and ugly and she'll die because of that. And guess what? Her face did become ugly and she died because of it. She was frighten and shocked to death after seeing her appearance from the mirror Ah Zhi handed to her.

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This scene is a tear jerker. Din Jing Sit (Poon Chi Man) had to witness all his lovers die one by one in front of his face. Mu Rong Fu was threatening him to give him the throne. Din Jing Sit (Poon Chi Man) standing his ground would not do so, even when Mu Rong Fu killed all his lovers one by one, he would not budge. I really admire him for not letting down his brother or the kingdom. In the end, Din Jing Sit committed suicide to be with the women that had died for him.

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Kiu Fung made Yer Lok Hung swear in front of the entire Kitan army that he would never ever invade the Hans or even think about it ever again. Mounting his horse, Yer Lok Hung called Kiu Fung a traitor and ordered his soldiers to kill Kiu Fung if he ever stepped a foot into the Liu Dynasty. Upon hearing this, Kiu Fung made it clear that he was not a traitor and he was doing this for the well being of both the Kitan and Han people. He snatched an arrow and stabbed himself to prove it. I could tell that Yer Lok Hung (Wong Wai) was hurt that Kiu Fung had chosen to die by his glint of sadness in his eyes. He does like Kiu Fung as a person but his dynasty is more important.

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Din Yee (Benny Chan) and Hoi Juk (Terry Fan) tried to save Kiu Fung but they couldn't. Ah Zhi was so devastated and shocked that all she could do was clutch Kiu Fung's body and cry.

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At this moment Yau Tan Ji (Evergreen Mak) comes looking for Ah Zhi. Ah Zhi remembers Kiu Fung's words and said "Kiu Fung told me I still owe you; these eyes I have are yours." Without thinking Ah Zhi poked out her eyes and threw them at Yau Tan Ji's feet. With one hand clutching onto Kiu Fung's body she jumped off the cliff. Yau Tan Ji also jumped off the cliff to be with Ah Zhi.

Trust me there are more memorable scenes! These are just a few only. To name them all is probably naming one scene from each episode.

Theme Video

Is it Worth Watching?
It is worth every single dime. This series moves at a very quick pace and you will hardly be able to find a dull moment. Demi Gods Semi Devils is a powerful story that deals with love, loyalty, discrimination and revenge. Now go and rent it now!


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Wednesday, January 04, 2006 - 2:16 PM
Plain Love Episodes 1,2 & 11

Episode 1, 2 & 11


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Monday, January 02, 2006 - 5:13 PM
Plain Love Episode 10

Excellent episode. Very emotional and great acting from Gallen Lo and Florence Kwok. I think I can finish this series captures by tomorrow.


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