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Saturday, November 22, 2008 - 10:23 PM
Strike Gold Peformance: Nick Cheung


Nick Cheung’s performance as Kevin in Secret of the Heart launched him to fame in 1998. His controversial character and outstanding performance earned him high praises from viewers. He remains one of the most handsome and charismatic villains in history. He charmed the audience at the beginning when Kevin was polite, clever, and an all round kind gentleman. He was on top of the world. His career was sky rocketing, his family loved him, he found his true love, Diana (Ada Choi) and life couldn’t have been any better. However, a terrible secret was discovered which tore apart his happiness and crushed his positive outlook on life. Life treated him unfair and he did not deserve the predicament he was in. As a result, Kevin’s perspective in live changed and he shifted his direction in life to a darker road of no return. His pursuit for money and revenge drove his friends and his true love away. Viewers hated Kevin for his continuous pursuit of evilness. To this day, people still remember Ka Hung’s (Sunny Chan) reaction when he walked into Kevin’s apartment where every wall was splattered with Diana’s blood. Her body was never found. He ended Secret with a haunting line, “Diana is safe with me for eternity.”

Kevin was a despicable and evil character but Nick’s fantastic performance could not be denied. An actor who can make the viewers hate their character yet able to sympathize with them is a fine actor. Nick is a charming person and he has a likeable vibe about him which translates on screen. I sympathized for Kevin because he truly was a victim of another person's mistake. I hated him as well for inflicating so much pain and suffering on others. But I found Nick to be so handsome and charming which made it difficult to hate Kevin. He was fantastic in the way he delivered his lines, the way he walked, how he looked so cold after murdering.. Nick acted for over a decade and finally proved his credibility as an actor with this fine performance in Secret which won him the Most Improved Actor in 1998. Nick Cheung delivered a classic performance that now stands along other famous villains such as Ding Hai (Adam Cheng, Greed of Man) and Tsui Ka Lup (Gallen Lo, Cold Blood Warm Heart).


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