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Wednesday, February 13, 2008 - 12:24 AM
Edison Chen Sex Scandal

I put off commenting on Edison Chen’s sex scandal for a few weeks now. Partly because I did not care at first. I am usually uninterested in the (Hong Kong) music industry so I didn’t bother to read any of the news when I came across the headlines. It wasn’t until 100s of photos were released, that I cared.

Artists are pets and products. There are merely designed and packaged for us to idolize. At the end of the day, we don’t’ know these entertainers. We don’t know who they are and what they do in the privacy of their own space. It’s none of our business. To have their private lives exposed and hounded like this is quite sad.

I don’t consider the women and the man in the photos as victims. They knew what was coming when they took the photos. It was their decision and it was also them who consented to it out of freewill. Therefore it is not fair for us to put all the blame on Edison Chan (his little buddy was exposed too) because he did not force these women to pose and smile for these photos. If he enjoys viewing these photos in his leisure time, so be it. It was a foolish for the woman to do so. However, I am in no place to criticize their decision and condemn them as wrong.

People have sex. That is no secret. Did we really expect these 26 year olds to be virgins? There is nothing wrong with having sex. What really annoys me is the hypocrisy exposed and created by this whole scandal. Especially Gillian Chung who announced that she is against pre-martial sex just a year ago, saying she was disgusted with Nicholas Tse and Cecilla Cheung kissing in public. I understand that she has to maintain her “good girl, pure and innocent” image. However, I am sure EEG will not punish Gillian if she had not made those ridiculous remarks. Gillian should’ve known the first day when these photos were released that there were more that has yet to be exposed. To deny it and to claim that these photos have been manipulated is stupid and such a far fetched lie. Then there were the police who acted like maniacs by arresting anyone on the streets just to look like they were/are doing something.

I have always loved Nicholas Tse. I love his music and I find him charismatic and a really fine man (inside and out). I do hope that Nicholas and Cecilla Cheung will pull through this ordeal. They have been through so much and they seem to genuinely love each other. If Nicholas does decide to file a divorce with Cecilla, I will not think any lower of him. Were the photos taken during the time he and Cecilla were dating? If not, is Nicholas able to drop his ego and not care about the sniggers and smug looks if he continues to be with Cecilla? This is a real challenge of trust on Nicholas. However if he does choose to be with Cecilla, I will think even higher of him. He would show that he loves her more than his ego and face like a real man and husband should.

I truly feel bad for Bobo Chan. She was merely a filler in this whole scandal. Her marriage is postponed and apparently her (ex) mother-in-law is furious and is now against the marriage. This is a good thing in a way because it is a real testimony to test Mr. Gam’s love for her. If he is not able to handle the pressure, his mother’s wrath and cares too much for his face, she will do better without him.

This scandal is definitely a lot more complicated and shadier than it looks:
Edison Scandal - Conspiracy Theory EEG VS. China Star

I would've liked to comment more but I'm rather busy right now. All best of luck to Nicholas&Cecilla, Bobo and Edison.


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Tuesday, February 05, 2008 - 8:27 PM
Current Watch List


My current watch list...

The Greed of Man

I've heard many wonderful comments about Greed of Man. I have always been curious to know how it is but I never bothered to watch it because I'm not too fond of Adam Cheng and it is a pretty old drama (1993). Since I had a week off school after exams and plus snow days, I was stuck at home and I decided to give it a shot.


Fong Jun Sang (Damien Lau) is a righteous man who hates corruption. Sang is friends with the hot headed and violent Ding Hai (Adam Cheng). They both have four children. Hai is a controlling man who adopts Ah Ling (Yammie Lam) as his girlfriend without her consent or knowledge. Ah Ling is terrified of Hai and has every right to be because Hai’s tempers are extremely frightening. Sang rescues her from her miserable deadlock and thus ignites misunderstandings and problems between him and Hai. Hai concludes that Sang has stolen his “wife to be” and Hai angrily beats up Sang. Due to heavy blows and beatings, Sang falls into a coma for a year. The Fongs are forced to move from a mansion to a one bedroom apartment. Ah Ling who has grown to love Sang takes charge of the torn apart family. She is forced to drop out of school and to work two jobs while taking care of Sang and his four children. Sang finally wakes up from his coma. Tragedy befalls the Fongs again when Sang is unable to regain his memories, how to eat, how to speak etc. Sang has to slowly learn how to eat, how to tie his shoelaces, how to use chopsticks. It takes Sang a long time just to do simple motions. After months and months, Sang finally makes small yet big accomplishments. Sang is able to learn how to use money and he is able to go home without being lost. However, Hai shows up on his threshold. Sang ruthlessly hits him and Hai takes his blows as “trying to murder him”. Not knowing his fatal and deadly strength, Hai unknowingly beats Sang once again – this time to death. Sang’s death was witnessed by his 12 (?) year old son, Bok. Hai then flees to Taiwan and is later imprisoned after beating up a man to paralysis. Years later, their children grow up yet the hatred and rivalry between the Fongs and Dings still exists.

My comments:
And thus, the actions begins with Bok (Sean Lau) avenging the Dings for the death of his father. Hai’s sons grow up to be just as how he is - violent. Damien’s performance is very moving. It is not the first time Damien has played a righteous man with full of justice. However after he had woken from his coma and had to start all over again, he was so wonderful. His dumb-founded expressions and his crying were so damn touching and made me pity his Sang so much. It reminds me of The Awakening Story when Liza Wang has to find her stand in society after waking up from her coma. However, Greed takes a more depressive and realistic take on it. It took Sang forever to simply learn how to tie his shoe laces and just simply uttering one sentence. I can totally understand Bok’s hatred.

Adam brings so much fright to the screen when Hai appears. Hai is a passionate lover. He loves Sang, his kids and Ah Ling. However, because Sang has different values and priorities than Hai, it causes Hai to misunderstand and misinterpret Sang multiple times. He also loves his kids but the beliefs he bestows on his children are sometimes morally wrong. Therefore, his children grows up to be just as how he is. He loves Ah Ling and claims her as his own. He believes that the people whom he loves must also love him back. Hai is one of the most complex characters that I had the fortune to watch. I look forward to seeing him return after he is released from prison. The opening scene with him tossing his sons off the balcony was disturbing and creepy.

It is wonderful to see old faces such as the very cute Leila tong, Michael Tao, Derek Kwok (who has been acting for decades!), the every beautiful Yammie Lam and the super talented Sean Lau.

Greed of Man so far has been daring and I praise the scriptwriters and producers for giving us realistic and violent scenes that clearly depicts how it really is. I can’t wait to watch more and to see how Bok defeats the Dings(at a high cost too).


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